February 25th — Juliette Reinders Folmer — The story of WPSEO and me

Or how a virtually unknown developer in the WP community became a lead developer of one of the world’s top 10 WordPress plugins.

How often do you find yourself frustrated by unanswered support requests about plugins or themes ? How often do you find yourself thinking “this plugin *nearly* does what I need, but not completely” ? And how often do you wonder why a bug which you fixed locally, still isn’t fixed in the #th official update of a plugin?

In this interactive talk I will take you on a journey through how I became involved with WordPress SEO by Yoast, what the effect has been on me personally and on my business, show you how git made it a lot easier to start contributing to (a lot of) plugins and themes, share some best practices, and tell you some anecdotes about the hurdles you might run into working in a virtual team and why white screens do happen.

January 31st — Start SLC Hackathon

Next week UtahWP has a table at the Start SLC Hackathon, and members will be there Thursday through Saturday. If you can come down and co-work or contribute. On Saturday morning we’ll be running a contributor day, and a first time user class to help get people up and running.


If you’re planning to come to the event please visit the Hack UTOS site and register, registration is free. We have an event on meetup to help us get an idea of numbers for the contributor day Saturday, but UTOS needs to know how many people will be attending so they can make sure to have enough food.

Up and Running Workshop

On the morning of Saturday the 31st UtahWP will be holding a getting up and running with WordPress workshop. This workshop will be to help those interested in hosting their own WordPress site get one up and running, and learn some WordPress basics. Register on this meetup event so we can get a rough number of people attending.

Contributor Day

If you’ve ever been interested in contributing to WordPress core or docs. UtahWP will be running a workshop on the morning of Saturday January 31st. Bring a laptop and learn to find a ticket, create and submit a patch, or contribute to the WordPress handbooks. Please sign up on the meetup event so we can get an idea of how many people will be attending.


Our event is part of Hack UTOS located in the north west corner of The Gateway (marked in red). The Gateway is located in the heart of Salt Lake City, Utah, along 400 West, between 200 South and South Temple.